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Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is the art of rebuilding, repositioning or redesigning the teeth or smile so that they look as natural as possible. It differs from Cosmetic Dentistry in the sense that the goal is to create results that appear very natural yet very beautiful.

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At Windsor Smiles, we treat every patient as an individual. We recognise that dental treatment is not a one size fits all discipline and work hard to achieve our patients’ aesthetic and functional aspirations every time.

Every smile we treat is unique, therefore every treatment plan and assessment we carry out is led by our patient’s needs and wants.

For our team, aesthetic dentistry is not just about cosmetic appearance, it is a way for a patient to achieve the dental function and comfort that they may not have previously experienced.

We combine the art of dental structures with the science of oral health and functionality. Aesthetic dentistry allows us to provide a holistic assessment of a patient’s dental needs and cosmetic aspirations. It entails a number of advanced dental procedures that our team can carry out with precision and expertise.

Often aesthetic dentistry is confused with cosmetic dentistry – however the latter focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth whereas aesthetic dentistry focuses on creating teeth that not only look better but perform as they should.

Aesthetic dentistry combines various dental disciplines from relatively simply treatments such as fillings and inlays, to more complex dentistry, such as dental implants, gum and bone regeneration, correction of failing restorative fittings such as crowns or bridgework as well as other more advanced dental treatments.

Smile makeovers can also be performed very aesthetically and beautiful natural smile enhancements can be made using Composite Binding or very naturally made porcelain veneers.

When you visit Windsor Smiles, we will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and listen to your concerns. We will then devise a treatment plan to tackle each problem and ultimately leave you with a sparkling, healthy set of teeth and gums.

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