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Gum reshaping

A high or uneven gum line can make many people feel self-conscious when they smile. We can help restore confidence and resolve a lifelong issue in just a few visits.

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Often referred to as a ‘gummy smile’, this is where the gum to tooth ratio appears uneven or there is an excessive amount of gum on display. Many people do not realise that this issue can be sometimes be easily fixed by an experienced and confident cosmetic dentist.

At Windsor Smiles we can reshape your gums to even out your smile and make you feel less conscious.

This is a common and frequently performed procedure which can be carried out within the practice under local anaesthetic, or for more complex cases, under intravenous sedation.

Depending on the extent of reshaping required, you may need treatment to the soft tissue alone, often using a simple procedure performed by a laser. However, if the proportion of gum to tooth is more extensive, a surgical procedure to lift the gums and bone may be required.

In some cases, gum recession can lead to unsightly roots being seen. These teeth can also be very sensitive or prove to tooth decay. In suitable patients gum grafting or gum repositioning techniques can be used to cover exposed roots.

Gum surgery requires great skill and experience and we are luck at Windsor Smiles to have a world leading expert in these techniques available to our patients.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss gum reshaping. We’re always happy to help our patients smile with confidence. Click here or call 01753 833 755 now.