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Help for anxious patients

As an established dental practice, we understand that some patients struggle with visiting us for either a routine appointment or vital treatment.

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Many people suffer with a fear or phobia of dentists and can experience extreme anxiety when undergoing treatment. At Windsor Smiles, we do all we can to alleviate these fears and to help patients relax prior to treatment.

We believe that providing you with information and an understanding of the treatment you need, can help you feel more prepared. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and will do what we can to support you through the process.

Intravenous sedation

If you are a nervous patient and are due to have dental treatment, we can provide intravenous sedation which will help you to relax throughout the process.

When administered, intravenous sedation stimulates a deep state of relaxation, so you can receive necessary treatment without the worry. Once the sedation has been administered, you will remain awake and can communicate with the dental team but will feel calm and at ease.

Often patients report that they have no memory of the treatment.

After receiving intravenous sedation, you will be unable to use heavy machinery or drive for at least 12 hours. We also require you to attend with a friend or family member who will need to stay with you following treatment. You may feel drowsy and want to sleep till the effects of the sedation wear off.

We want to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and to trust that we will take care of you in every way we can. Please do not avoid visiting us as this may result in deterioration of your teeth.

If you feel anxious or worried about visiting Windsor Smiles, please click here or call 01753 833 755 to find out how we can support you.