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Hidden braces

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If you are concerned about your misaligned teeth but are worried about how braces may look, hidden braces are the ideal solution.

Fixed to the back of your teeth, this orthodontic solution cannot be seen by others so no one has to know you are undergoing treatment apart from you and your Windsor Smiles orthodontist.

Lingual braces entail custom-made brackets being attached to the back of your teeth, so your newly straightened smile can remain your secret.

Each individual bracket is made precisely for your individual tooth. They are held in place with a wire which is adjusted periodically to enable movement of your teeth.

The world leading product of this type is the 3M Incognito system and we are proud to be able to offer this orthodontics system at the practice. Our orthodontist has been undergone extensive additional training in this technique. It can be used to just straighten your front teeth or your full bite and smile. They are fully custom made and your bespoke orthodontic movements are planned using the very latest digital technology.

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