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Crooked, misaligned or protruding teeth can affect your smile and the way you eat and chew. Some people may feel self-conscious or less able to communicate with others naturally and freely due to anxiety about how their teeth are positioned.

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Traditionally, people associate orthodontic treatment with younger patients or teenagers, however it is never too late to try and achieve your dream of straight, perfectly aligned teeth.

For children it is very important to have their bite assessed as early as possible. We recommend no later than 7 years old, especially if it appears they have uneven laws or very crooked teeth. Early intervention can mean that a child could avoid complex and risky surgery later in life , or reduce the complexity and time needed in braces for their overall orthodontic treatment. Early treatment of course means that their smile can be immediately improved well before those difficult teenage years when appearance is so important and when their confidence is most vulnerable.

Orthodontic braces or aligners work to gently move teeth into place and are becoming increasingly popular with adults. You can benefit from either fixed or removable appliances to improve the appearance of your teeth, close gaps and improve your bite.

We offer a range of orthodontic treatments and have moved away from the typical fixed metallic bracket and wire system. We offer patients the latest in ‘invisible’ braces as well as a vast selection of other orthodontic solutions.

We will help you choose the right orthodontic treatment to achieve your desired look and more importantly, to improve functionality.