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Same day implants

For those patients who have lost a number of teeth, we can create a newly replenished smile in just one day with the All on 4 Implant system.

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This sophisticated technique allows your Windsor Smile dentist to reduce treatment time, improve your appearance and quality of life in a quick, proven and cost-effective way. It is a great solution for long term denture wearers who want to enjoy a new and fixed set of teeth which appear natural and won’t move out of place.

Instead of placing a single implant into the jaw, the All on 4 system allows multiple implants to be embedded into the jaw at one time. A new set of temporary artificial teeth are then screwed directly onto the implants at the same visit and once the healing process is completed, a final set of permanent teeth will fixed into place.

The system has also been adapted for up to eight implants to be embedded into the bone to support a fixed bridge structure.

Our Windsor Smile dentists have over 25 years’ experience in placing implants and can create the desired look you want as well as restoring full functionality.

Benefits of same day implants

The All on 4 Implant system offers patients a number of benefits which include:

  • Replacing numerous missing teeth in one visit
  • Fast and effective treatment
  • Immediate results
  • No need for dentures that can slip out of place, feel uncomfortable or rub against the gums
  • Suitable for patients with a lack of bone stability


If you are considering the All on 4 Implant system you will first visit us for a through consultation. At this stage we may take x-rays, dental impressions and a CT scan to ensure suitability. The planning process may require a few appointments but once you attend for the implant placement treatment, we will fit the temporary denture at the same time.

You will attend for a final fitting a few months later.

To find out more about All on 4 Implants, please click here or call 01753 833 755 to contact us.